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Providing a safe and reliable plumbing service for residents and business owners in the Sinton area that you can count on. Plumbing issues never only happen at a convenient time.

That’s why we offer 24-hour emergency service. We value your time and so deliver fast on-time service no matter the time of day or night.

And we stand behind our services. You can expect that the job will be done right the first time.


Fast, reliable, and friendly plumbing services delivered by expert plumbers. We handle everything from simple drips and leaks to extensive issues such as sewer cleaning and pipe repairs.

We have helped thousands of homeowners and business owners across Sinton and its surrounding communities. As experienced professionals, we will quickly diagnose your issues and make the right recommendations to solve them.

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Plulmber in Sinton, TX


Kitchen upgrades

You may be worried about costs when you think of upgrading your kitchen. But, if you sit down with us at Royal Plumbing we will work with you within your budget to deliver a kitchen that you will love.

With quality tradesmen with an eye for detail, we will help you renovate your kitchen including replacing those old sinks, faucets, dishwasher, garbage disposal etc. for an attractive kitchen that you will enjoy cooking in.

Shower and Tub Installations

At Royal Plumbing, we specialize in all sorts of tub and shower installations and repairs. From popular brands to generic models, we are ready to provide the type you need and the service you deserve.

Give your bathroom the royal treatment with a new shower or tub installation from Royal Plumbing.

Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures Replacement and Repairs

The two rooms that are frequently used in your home are your bathroom and kitchen. This means that your fixtures need to be in optimal condition for convenience.

So, if they are not working properly, or you are tired of the old and ugly faucets and fixtures in your home, then contact Royal Plumbing.

We are ready to help you with finding the right fixtures to fit your home or repair them to working condition.

Water Heater Replacement or Repairs

Hot water plays such a key role in our daily lives. A lot of our everyday daily activities depend on us having a functioning water heater system.

If your water heater has started to give problems, give us a call and we’ll quickly resolve it. We’ll replace water heaters that are too old or no longer functioning or repair your current model to ensure that you always have the comfort of your hot water at home or at work.

Plumbing Emergencies

When your pipe bursts at 3 in the morning who are going to call? Which plumbing company would be available in Sinton for your emergency? Royal Plumbing would be.

For 24 hour emergency repairs and emergency plumbing replacements you can trust us to answer with highly qualified plumbers ready to fix the problem.

Join our royal team in Sinton for extra benefits. The Royal Club offers exclusive incentives to its members. You can reach us at (361) 643-7229 in the Portland area, (361) 729-9657 in the Rockport area, or (361) 991-1002 in the Corpus Christi area.

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