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You can always rely on the qualified plumbers at Royal Plumbing to deliver quality services to our customers in Rockport.

At Royal Plumbing, our plumbers are all licensed by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners. That means our team are all professionally trained, background checked, and drug tested earning our company a seal of approval by the Technician Seal of Safety.

With Royal Plumbing, you assured of Rockport’s most trustworthy and courteous plumbers.


At Royal Plumbing, our complete plumbing repair and installation services are geared at delivering high-quality plumbing services.

From small issues to major problems, it is always best to contact a qualified professional to ensure that they are resolved properly. No one wants to have a drain that is repeatedly blocked. You want it fixed quickly and effectively so that you can return to using your plumbing fixtures and fittings.

And as a member of our Royal Club, you will also benefit from additional incentives along with our fast and reliable service.

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Plumber in Rockport, TX


Bathroom Remodeling

When you want your bathroom to deliver the wow factor, then you need a qualified bathroom remodeling team.

Royal Plumbing bathroom remodeling services are done by professional plumbers who are highly trained, licensed, and insured. We will replace your old toilet, vanity, and tub and install new models that are beautiful, durable, and efficient.

Let us help you improve the value of your home with a quality bathroom remodel project.

Install Kitchen Fixtures, Faucets, Sinks

For fast efficient installation services, look no further than Royal Plumbing. We will remove your old faucets and sinks in the kitchen and replace with your new ones.

Let Royal Plumbing take care of all your installation needs and the convenience that comes with having the job done quickly by a professional plumber.

Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains will seriously impact your home or office. That’s why at Royal Plumbing, our experts are always available for drain cleaning and maintenance services. Simple homemade solutions such as baking soda and vinegar will only work for so long. You need the tools of a professional plumbing company to effectively remove the debris and build up clogging your drain.

Sewer Cleaning

If the main sewer line in your home is clogged you don’t need to worry about who to call. At Royal Plumbing, we specialize in sewer cleaning to leave your sewer flowing freely and prevent any backups that can cause odor and inability to use a functioning sewer system.

Let the professionals at Royal Plumbing take care of your sewer needs including repairs and installations.

Plumbing Repairs and Installations

Don’t hesitate to contact the leading plumbing company in Rockport when you need plumbing repairs and installations. Our team is fully equipped with all the necessary parts and equipment to get the job done right. Don’t leave your plumbing up to chance. Choose the best to get it done right.

Emergency Plumbing Replacements

Find an emergency plumber near you in Rockport with Royal Plumbing. We are available 24 hours a day every day to assist you with any problems that will crop up late at night, early morning, or during the day.

You never know when an emergency plumbing situation will occur, so make sure you have on hand the number of a reliable plumber available every day at any time.

Contact us today and let Royal Plumbing be your Rockport Plumber of choice. Call us at (361) 643-7229 for the Portland area, (361) 729-9657 for the Rockport area, or (361) 991-1002 for the Corpus Christi area.

We are waiting to serve you and deliver the best plumbing services you deserve.

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