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We take pride in our reputation as the go-to plumbing contractor for thousands of satisfied business and homeowners across Robstown and its environs.

The aim is to always deliver quality services no matter how big or small the job is. You don’t have to continue living with those leaky faucets or using cold water.

You don’t have to constantly be plunging the toilet when we can clear the sewer line. Let us get rid of your plumbing problems and return you to the comfort of your home or office.


We guarantee job satisfaction because of our qualified plumbing team. Royal Plumbing carries the Technician Seal of Safety ensuring that our team are drug tested, background checked, and professionally trained.

You can trust our branded team to respect your property, respect you, and deliver superior plumbing services any time you need us. You get the job done right the first time because we pay attention to detail and go above and beyond to leave you satisfied.

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Plumber in Robstown, TX


Kitchen Remodeling and Upgrades

Kitchen renovations should be handled by professional master plumbers. Too often homeowners start a remodeling project themselves and wind up having to call in a plumber during the process.

At this time, the remodeling ends up costing more money and time than if a certified plumber had handled it from the start. Don’t let this happen to you.

Contact Royal Plumbing for our creative and well-executed kitchen remodeling services.

We offer a full-service installation and renovation service for homeowners wanting to remodel or upgrade their kitchens.

Install Bathroom Fixtures

From toilets to faucets, we are the team to efficiently replace your bathroom fixtures with newer models that are attractive and of quality material.

Our professional workmanship leaves a clean home with your new fixtures securely installed and ready to use. And that your plumbing line is up to the task for working with your new fixtures.

Contact the pros at Royal Plumbing and get started on replacing your bathroom fixtures.

Plumbing Diagnostic Services

To keep your home and office plumbing systems reliable, you need our plumbing diagnostic services. At Royal Plumbing, our qualified and trained technicians will check the health of your system by reviewing all areas for current and potential problems and fixing them before they escalate to major issues.

These services include leak detection, drainage issues, and fixtures/fittings review. Let the experts at Royal Plumbing keep your home’s plumbing system operating like new.

Fix Plumbing Code Violations

When your plumbing installations follow the proper codes, not only are you meeting state and local requirements, it also means that your system will function as it should.

If aspects of your plumbing systems fail to meet the standards set, then it could pose a threat to you and your family as well as the building.

For example, if your water heater temperature pressure and temperature relief are improperly installed, the water could get too hot causing pressure to build up and the tank to burst.

For an efficiently run plumbing system choose Royal Plumbing before you are faced with code violations from inexperienced plumbers.

Gas Leak Detection

A gas leak is a dangerous situation. It could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning as well as even explosions.

If you believe that you have a gas leak, quickly evacuate the premises and contact Royal Plumbing to perform gas leak detection to identify the source of the leak.

This is one of those situations that warrants an emergency response and we are proud to offer our services 24/7.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs in Robstown, Texas

Royal Plumbing offers emergency plumbing services in Robstown. We guarantee satisfaction with our 24/7 emergency plumbing services. We repair and replace faults and fixtures at any time of day to leave you with peace of mind and a well working system.

We are Robstown’s leading plumbing service ready to tackle all your plumbing needs. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you call Royal Plumbing.

How to reach us:

Portland area – (361) 643-7229

Rockport area – (361) 729-9657

Corpus Christi area – (361) 991-1002.

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