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Plumber in Lamar TXWe are a full-service plumbing company offering a wide assortment of essential plumbing services. We work with home and business owners who want to efficiently and quickly fix the many plumbing problems that can occur.

Whether an unexpected issue or routine maintenance services, Royal Plumbing has the requisite equipment and appliances to resolve your issues quickly.

Minor or major jobs, our professional plumbers deliver superior repair services that will save you money.


The team at Royal Plumbing is dedicated to delivering quality service to all our clients in Lamar and surrounding neighborhoods. We work quickly to resolve plumbing problems without compromising your comfort.

We can help you convert to energy saving solutions, upgrade your plumbing fixtures to top-of-the-line fixtures, or just resolve simple but annoying and inconveniencing issues such as a clogged sink. Contact us today and let us get your issues under control.


Water Heater Installation or Repair

If you are considering the installation of a new water heater, we can help. We will assess your home or business to determine the best water heater system to suit you.

And to give you the options available on energy-efficient models that will save you funds over the long term. Our technicians will install the water heater to safety and building standards so you can enjoy hot water at your preferred temperature in your home or business.

Gas Piping Installation or Repair

Gas pipe installation or repairs should only ever be done by a professional. As a labor and skill intensive job, you need qualified professionals to ensure that it is done right for the safety of you and your family.

Gas-powered appliances and equipment tend to be more efficient and of a higher quality. So, if you want to upgrade your appliances to gas and are retrofitting your property to allow for gas appliances, let the professionals at Royal Plumbing do your gas piping and installation.

Entire Home Drain Cleaning Services

We offer residential drain cleaning and clogged services such as:

  • Kitchen drain cleaning to get rid of grease, soap, and detergent buildup that prevents the efficient use of your drain.
  • Bathroom drain cleaning to remove hair, soap, tissue, and other items that build up over time and clog your shower tub, toilet, or sink drains
  • Utility room drain cleaning for efficient floor drains whether in your basement, washroom, or garages.
  • Outdoor drain cleaning for efficient drainage around the home and clear downspout drains and pipes.

Correct plumbing code violations

Does your house have plumbing code violations? At Royal Plumbing, we can correct them quickly to bring your building back in line with the required state codes.

Whether improper toilet installations, incorrect water heater install, or too few clean-outs on your building sewer, we can help you rectify them.

To always ensure that you do not have any issues, have a professional plumber like ours at Royal Plumbing do any kind of plumbing work no matter how small it may seem.

Emergency Plumbing in Lamar

No matter the time that an emergency strikes, we are only a phone call away. Find a plumber for emergencies when you need one most.

At Royal Plumbing, our licensed plumbers are ready to perform emergency plumbing services at affordable prices no matter what time you call.

We offer quality service with a guarantee, Contact Royal Plumbing in the Corpus Christi area – (361) 991-1002, Rockport area – (361) 729-9657, and Portland area – (361) 643-7229. Enjoy superior service 24/7s.

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