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As a locally owned and operated plumbing company, we are pleased to be an active member of the Texas community. We are licensed and insured and our team are all highly trained and qualified.

Our brand as a dependable plumbing company stems from our ever courteous and reliable plumbers and that we are constantly stocked to meet your needs.

You can rest assured that our service is always guaranteed. And that we will only use quality plumbing replacement parts and fixtures in your home or business.


When you have a plumbing problem, you need a qualified specialist to ensure that it is fixed right the first time. And that is what we deliver 24/7. Routine or emergency services, our technicians are fully equipped to handle all your plumbing issues. We are ready to deliver the service you need to get back to the comfort of your home.

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Plumber in Holiday Beach, TX


Shower and Tub Installation

When you need a new shower or tub, Royal Plumbing is there for you. Although many homeowners will take this on as a DIY project, it just makes sense to get a professional plumbing team if you want it done quickly so that you have the use of your shower stall or tub in no time.

With quality services at a cost-effective price, we are always the best choice for installation services in Holiday Beach.

Equipment/Appliance Repairs, Replacements, and New Installations

We repair, replace and install new equipment and appliances such as:

  • Water heaters
  • Garbage disposal
  • Sewer lines
  • Gas lines
  • Shower stalls and tubs
  • Sinks
  • Faucets and other fixtures

Our team is ready to bring quality service and products to you that you will enjoy for years to come.

Sewer Static and Hydrostatic Testing

To find leaks in your sewer system you need specialized equipment and a team that knows how to use them. Sewer testing services from Royal Plumbing are thorough and will identify all the leaks along your sewer lines to facilitate comprehensive repairs.

Let us show you how quality leak detection services are done.

Gas Pipe Installations and Repairs

If you are having a new gas appliance such as a gas furnace, gas stove, or gas water heater installed you need a new gas line if you didn’t have one already. And if you are running a gas line to an outdoor barbecue pit or grill, this is also a reason to get a professional to install this new gas line.

Gas lines repairs are necessary if you smell gas. A gas leak is an emergency that requires you to get a plumber immediately to have it resolved. You can trust Royal Plumbing to deliver quality work when it comes to safely installing or repairing your gas lines.

Correction of Plumbing Code Violations

We fix Texas building plumbing code violations. Whether improper drain pipe slope or not enough space around the toilet to improper installation of water heaters, we have helped homeowners and business owners bring their plumbing systems up to the required codes.

If you do not want the hassle of having to redo plumbing because of code violations, then call Royal Plumbing first. We guarantee we’ll do your plumbing project right the first time around.

When you need a dependable and reliable plumbing company you call Royal Plumbing. We can be reached in the Rockport area at (361) 729-9657, Portland area at (361) 643-7229, and the Corpus Christi area – (361) 991-1002.

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