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    A healthy home starts with properly functioning plumbing. Clean water must come in and wastewater must flow out.  You can tell when something isn’t working…it’s leaking, dripping, clogging, or running at odd hours.  You can see you have a problem, but you need to find out what caused it. Then you can fix it.  Royal Plumbing is here to help. We’ll dispatch a licensed plumber to your home for only $89. That’s our flat rate diagnostic charge. Once our licensed plumber finds the cause of your problem, you’ll get options for repair or replacement.  Royal Plumbing performs a broad range of services from simple fixture repair to total re-piping.  If your hot water isn’t hot, if your water pressure is too low, if the drips are becoming too annoying, if leaks are starting to appear, if drains are clogging up, call Royal Plumbing.

    professional plumbers

    Professional Plumbers Use High Quality Components, Ask Us About The Difference

    We Believe…

    • We believe in improving your quality of life by ensuring your plumbing system is up to code.
    • We believe in the Golden Rule and doing the right thing even when nobody is looking.
    • We believe in protecting your home by laying down drop cloths, wearing floor savers, and cleaning up our mess.
    • We believe in effective communication so we listen to you—enabling us to understand and fix your problem.
    • We believe you should always want to call us when you need a plumber so we solicit your comments and evaluations via comment cards and the follow-up phone call.
    • We believe in your peace of mind by sending licensed plumbers who are drug-screened and background-checked.
    • We believe in asking for forgiveness when we mess up.
    • We believe in providing you the best value so we utilize higher-quality products which outperform lower-quality products.
    • We believe in our licensed plumbers’ skills so we give you a two-year warranty on service and a five-year warranty when we utilize our approved fixtures.
    • We believe a stocked, organized truck creates efficiency and saves you money.
    • We believe training, teamwork, and first-rate job performance makes a productive and fun workplace.

    Professional Plumber Services

    We offer an array of plumbing services for residential homes and commercial buildings. For licensed plumbers using quality materials and fixtures, call Royal Plumbing.

    Plumbing Inspections

    To take the hassle out of livin’ in a castle, call Royal Plumbing for a yearly inspection. Plumbing inspections give you the best chance for keeping your home’s plumbing systems running efficiently.

    Plumbing Repair

    Performing annual inspections of your plumbing can prevent minor issues from turning into major problems, which is why you should call us so we can take a look at your entire system. If we discover a problem in your home, we can come in and fix it. You can also be sure that each person on the job has been licensed, background-checked, and fully insured. We have years of combined experienced in all areas of plumbing repair, which is why we’re one of the best plumbing companies in Corpus Christi.

    Faucet Repair

    Drips are aggravating. They won’t stop unless the well runs dry or the water goes somewhere else.  At Royal Plumbing, we fix simple drips quick. If it’s more complex like repairing or replacing fixtures or pipes, our licensed plumbers will tell you the cost.

    Water is precious. A dripping or leaking fixture can waste water and cost you money. Besides the water loss, you’ll start losing sleep from the constant drip-drip-drip. Imagine if pennies were falling out of the faucet, instead of drips. What a clatter! You definitely want to find the cause of the matter.

    A dripping or leaking faucet can not only cost you money in water that gets wasted over time but can also be left unchecked until that time of night when it keeps you awake for several hours. Leaking faucets are usually the result of washers that get worn out because of age, which allows water to pass through. And faucet controls that become harder to turn are caused by sediment and hard water deposits that build up in the cartridge.

    Faucet leaks are easy to find and diagnose, but they all have different causes and can show up in other places beside the spout. Faucet leaks beneath the sink are harder to find, because people don’t usually look there very often. If you find a leak under your faucet, you need to take care of it right away so your walls and floors don’t get damaged. And with our help, you can find and address the problem before it turns into something catastrophic.

    Call Royal Plumbing before your drips and leaks become wall and floor remodels.

    Toilet Repair

    If you’re reaching for a plunger before you use a toilet, you have a problem. Plungers are for emergencies not routine bathroom use. There may be a day when the plunger just won’t do the trick. Before that day comes in mops and buckets, call Royal Plumbing. Clogs aren’t the only problem with toilets.

    If you’re living with a bigger household (more frequent flushers), your toilet may be experiencing more than average use. If your toilet runs at odd times, doesn’t fully flush, or exhibits other problems, don’t ignore it. Besides unclogging toilets, Royal Plumbing’s licensed plumbers repair and replace toilets. That’s another way we take the hassle out of livin’ in a castle.

    Plumber Approved Repiping

    Most pipes that are used for plumbing have a 50-year lifespan. That lifespan can be shortened when harmful factors are introduced, causing them to corrode sooner than expected. Your home may need new pipes if your water is rusty in color, if its pressure is low, if it goes cold, or if it leaks and floods inside your home.

    If your home was built in the 1920s and hasn’t had new pipes installed, you should call Royal Plumbing for an inspection. Homes built in that era often used pipes made from hazardous materials.  If you have any doubts about your home’s pipes, call Royal Plumbing.

    Clogged Drain Repair

    Drains drain. When they don’t, call Royal Plumbing. We’ll unclog your home’s drain…sink, tub, or shower.  While you may be able to take care of minor clogs, our expert technicians can remove the severe ones quickly. Once your clogged drain is draining again, we’ll use our hi-tech camera to check if there’s an underlying issue. If your clog is more than simple residue, our licensed plumbers can give you options to repair habitual clogs caused by other factors.

    For a healthy home, you need to have good water flow in without interruption. Likewise, wastewater needs to flow out. When drains clog and the unclean water backs up, it’s not pretty. But we’ll take care of it! Clearing your home’s drain with Royal Plumbing is one way we take the hassle out of livin’ in a castle.

    Drain and Sewer Repair

    You might smell it before you see it. When you find the mess in your yard or standing water in your home, you may problems with your drainage or sewer systems. Wastewater and sewage problems may cause you to temporarily leave your home. Before the big mess erupts, call Royal Plumbing.

    Water Heater Repair and Replacement

    It hits you in the shower: “That’s cold! Where’s my hot water?” That cool flash is a signal from an aging water heater. Over time, sediment builds up and it’s heating less water for your dishwasher, washing machine and showers. When a cool flash hits you, call Royal Plumbing. We’ll drain and clean your water heater.  Proper maintenance of your water heater will extend its life. But, if it’s time to replace it, we can do that too. We’ll take away your old one and install a new Bradford White with a full five-year warranty on parts and labor. Lose your cool! We can take it.

    Tankless Water Heaters

    Tankless water heaters provide hot water only when it’s needed. Thus, they’re more efficient energy users than standard water heaters, saving you money every month. When the hot water tap is turned on, it runs through a heated pipe that leads to the unit. Because it’s engineered this way, tankless water heaters provide a constant supply of hot water. If you have questions about a tankless system for your home, call Royal Plumbing.

    Garbage Disposal Repair and Replacement

    Turn the switch and nothing happens. Do you need to check the fuse box? Is something clogging it up? Is it just overheated? Is it jammed? If your garbage disposal is not responding or makes horrific sounds when it is on, you need a professional to take a look at it.  Repairing a garbage disposal is not simple. If you think your disposal needs more than a rest, like a RIP, call Royal Plumbing.

    Gas Line Repair and Replacement

    Your city’s utility service is responsible for the maintenance of the gas lines. That responsibility ends at your property line. Any gas lines that connect to your meter and the appliances in your home are your responsibility. Royal Plumbing’s experts have been trained in diagnosing and repairing gas lines. If you suspect a leak, first call your gas company. To repair or replace faulty lines in your home or on your property, call Royal Plumbing.

    busted pipe

    Don’t worry, residential or commercial, we have you covered!

    Your Choice for a Quality Plumber in the Coastal Bend!

    At Royal Plumbing, we’re a team of professionals who service homes and businesses in the Coastal Bend, the greater Corpus Christi area. Our team is comprised of master and journeymen licensed plumbers, assisted by eager apprentice plumbers, immersed in training to earn their licenses. With flat-rate diagnostics and pricing, our mission is to fix your problem, hassle free. Our trucks are stocked with quality parts and materials so our plumbers can work efficiently, saving you time and money.

    Contact Royal Plumbing today to ask a question or request our service. 361.991.1002. Please note our updated service areas, which have been enlarged to serve more people in the Coastal Bend.

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