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There is a reason why our clients enjoy our royal treatment. We are the go-to plumber across Mathis for residential and commercial customers wanting quality service.

Our comprehensive list of services covers all their needs. And as part of the Royal Club, they get additional benefits in terms of discounts, incentives, and prioritized special services.

You can enjoy the same royal plumbing treatment by choosing to call us when you have a plumbing or heating emergency, repairs, or installation requirement.


We stand behind our services and guarantee the work we do. Our team of highly qualified plumbing technicians allows us to build a strong and loyal customer base who expect a certain level of service. And which we deliver more than expected every time.

Place your home or business in capable hands with the professional plumbers of Royal Plumbing.

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Water Heater Replacement and Repairs

If your water heater stops working and you need quick assistance to get it going, contact Royal Plumbing. Our fully equipped and trained technicians will repair or replace the components that are no longer working. If your system has died schedule a professional water heater replacement today.

Gas Line Repairs and Maintenance Services

It is recommended that you have your gas line checked at least once a year to ensure that everything is in order and you have no leaks. Royal Plumbing offers a comprehensive range of maintenance services for the safety of your building and its occupants.

Whether at home or in your business place, our gas repair and maintenance services will keep your appliances operating efficiently.

Sewer Repair or Clogged Drain Cleaning

Diagnose and fix sewer problems and clogged drains with the professionals at Royal Plumbing. We will determine if it is a plumbing or septic problem and then offer the best solution to fix. Whether it’s an internal or external issue we are equipped to handle them all.

Plumbing Diagnostic Services

Ensure that your plumbing system undergoes regular checks and maintenance services. During these routine inspections, we can accurately diagnose any potential problems and help you catch them before they become major concerns requiring large sums to fix.

Our plumbing diagnostic services include hydrostatic testing to check for leaks in your sewer, to leaks in your pipes, and fixtures and fittings review and inspections.

Emergency Plumbing in Mathis

On time, reliable service with a guarantee. You can expect royal treatment from our plumbers who will quickly address your problems in a fast and professional manner. For service that goes above and beyond your expectations in an emergency call Royal Plumbing.

Our plumbers are available 24/7 for your emergency.

The leading plumbing company in Mathis has local plumbers in your area. Find us in the Corpus Christi area at (361) 991-1002, Rockport area at (361) 729-9657, and Portland area at (361) 643-7229.

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