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Drain Cleaning & Repair


Clogs happen in the drains leading from sinks, toilets, tubs, showers and other water fixtures in homes and commercial buildings from time to time. This makes it impossible to drain the water correctly. While there are some minor clogs that you may be able to deal with on your own, it takes an expert plumber to remove severe ones the right way. Royal Plumbing provides dependable drain cleaning and repair services to take care of clogs and the possible damage they can do to your plumbing.

Various Causes for Drain Clogs

There are various causes for clogs depending on where they happen in your plumbing. Toilets clog from too much toilet paper for the most part. When the toilet paper collects in the sewer pipe leading from the toilet instead of flowing through it, the toilet will not flush. The water only back up in the bowl. There are times when our plumber has to remove the toilet to unclog the drain correctly.

Clogs in the kitchen drain, though, are caused by grease, soap, and food scraps. These drains can become so stopped up that at times, the pipes have to be taken apart to clear up the problem. This is best done by one of our professional plumbers. These plumbers are highly qualified to take care of any drain cleaning and repair needs that you have in the kitchen or any other room for that fact.

In the sinks, tubs, and showers in your house, the clogs happen because hair and soap accumulate in the drains. Is your water heater draining properly? Our plumbers know the right techniques to clear the drains from these issues. There is no way to take a shower when the water will not drain from the shower tray. We will have your drains cleared quickly, so you can once again take a shower.

Your problem may not always be inside your home. The sewer line running from your home to the city sewer line could be the problem. This type of clog is from tree and plants roots many times. You could also be on a septic system and this system could become full and backup. Do not worry, as we also can help with these issues.


If you are noticing low water pressure, problems using more than one fixture at a time, or rusty or red water, then you should probably get some repiping done. Repiping is the process of replacing your rusty, older pipes with newer and better ones that can increase the quality and pressure of the water in your house. Repiping is a very complex procedure so always hire a licensed professional to do this job. We can help your home get better water pressure and get hot water quicker.

Drain cleaning

Drain lines can get clogged up, but don’t worry, these are very common issues and Royal Plumbing has licensed and trained plumbers that can help you. If you neglect a drain problem, it could cause a much larger issue that can end up costing you much more to fix. A lot of drain problems can be much more complicated than an ordinary do-it-yourself kind of job, so call Royal Plumbing, we have years of experience with drain problems and will get them fixed as soon as possible for you.

Hydro Jetting

Hydro-jetting is a method of eliminating build up and debris in tanks and lines by using incredibly high-pressure water to remove blockages. These blockages could have been made from grease, heavy sludge, or tree roots that have built up over time. Hydro jetting’s advanced technology allows the process to be quick and efficient. This process needs to be done by licensed plumbers because it can be dangerous if done by someone with no training or experience.

Sewer Line Service

Our staff provides services such as sewer line replacement, sewer line repair, sewer line cleaning and sewer line camera inspections. Those services help you make sure that your home’s plumbing system is working at maximum efficiency. Sewer lines can stop working due to ground shifting, age, inconsistent temperatures or other things.


We use the latest in plumbing technology to detect where your sewer clog could be. Our Corpus Christi plumbers also know the best products and/or tools to perform drain cleaning and repair on your sewer line so that your water will freely drain once again from any of your plumbing fixtures.

Contact us quickly when a clog appears to minimize your inconvenience. We always guarantee your complete satisfaction with our work. You reach us by calling us at the following numbers:

  • (361) 991-1002 for service in the Corpus Christi area
  • (361) 643-7229 Portland area
  • (361) 729-9657 for service in the Rockport area

Call us here at Royal Plumbing today, so that we can perform drain cleaning and repair on your plumbing to keep your water freely draining.

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