The Difference Between Ball Valve VS Gate Valve?

Which One Is Better To Use For Corpus Christi Homes, Ball Valve Or Gate Valve?

When trying to control flow for your plumbing system, gas system, or other similar structure, you want to be sure that you select a top-quality valve that will keep your lines secure and leak free for years to come. There are different types of valves that you could use; however, the most commonly used are ball valves and gate valves.

Having ability to know the difference between ball valve vs gate valve is very important. It is because you can clearly understand which valve you should select.

Using the best valve is vital for your system.

Both types of valve are designed to restrict and control flow and you want the best type of valve for your plumbing project for the sake of longevity and preventing leaks. Call Royal Plumbing at (361) 991-1002 if you need more information about the valves or any plumbing installation and repair.

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