Ways To Eliminate An Awful Smells In The Kitchen

Solving Kitchen Odor Problems In Corpus Christi

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Don’t you hate it when you step through your front door or into a room, and rather than being enveloped by a fresh, pleasant scent, a foul odour that assaults the senses smacks you in the face.

For healthier ways to get rid of awful odors in the kitchen, let us discuss below the tips and ways of solution.

Tips for Getting Rid of Nasty Odors in Your Kitchen 

What is that foul odor? Before you call the plumber, here are a few home remedies you can try to get rid of those putrid odors in your kitchen.

There’s a foul odor emitting from your kitchen drain, and you have no earthly idea what could be causing it. All you know is that it smells like something died in there. Think about the amount of waste that runs through your drain each day. Meats, cheeses, and other food scraps are constantly being scraped down the drain. If they become lodged in the drain, they can start to spoil and really let off a stench. So, how should you go about getting rid of these odors?

In the most severe cases, it will be necessary for you to call a plumber; however, here are a few tips that you can try first before making that call.
If your kitchen sink has a garbage disposal, cut up a lemon (or any type of citrus fruit will work) into small chunks or wedges. Turn on your water and let it run until it is very hot. With the hot water running, throw half of the chopped lemon or chosen fruit into the garbage disposal. Let the hot water run for about 30 seconds after the garbage disposal is done. Repeat the process with the second half of your chopped fruit. It is guaranteed that you will notice an immediate improvement in the smell.

If you don’t have a garbage disposal or don’t have any citrus fruits around the house, you can opt for Pine Sol, or any type of cleaning agent that has pungent citrus smell to it. It should work just as well. Add the chosen cleaner, a tablespoon, at a time to your drain with the hot water running. Repeat it 2-3 times, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how great your kitchen suddenly smells!

On a final note, to keep from having to call a plumber about clogged trains, once every 3 months, you should add 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap (Dawn is the preferred brand!) and two quarts of hot, boiling water to your kitchen drain. This is seriously going to cut back on the amount of sludge and grease that accumulates in your drain over time, and it will also assist in getting rid of those foul odors.By following these few simple tips, you will have your foul smelling drains smelling like delicious citrus fruit in no time!

Think of your families health first.

Unless you have figured out a way to never use your kitchen sink, you most probably deal with unpleasant drain odors from time to time. The bad news is that kitchen sink drains smell; the good news is that you do not need harsh chemicals to get rid of odors, and you can actually prevent most bad smells before they even start. But in Royal Plumbing we will not let you use those chemicals that can affect your health and to your family, we can help you in solving the problem in a safe and clean way. Give us a call today at (361) 991-1002 to schedule a service.

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