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Garbage disposals don’t break down very often but when they do, your sure to notice. Many consumers don’t pay much attention to their food waste disposer in their household. It may be the case, since it’s hidden underneath the kitchen sink. Oily foods, grease, coarse food waste can all slip past the blades and clog your drain, leading to a very unhealthy build up of bacteria.

So, let’s look at how your garbage disposal is behaving and I hope the information here is helpful to you.

Garbage Disposal Issues? Here Are Some Helpful Tips

Badger 5 Garbage DisposalUsed on a daily basis, a garbage disposal is an appliance that’s often taken for granted, until it breaks down. Garbage disposals that don’t work properly can create unpleasant odors and an overall mess in your sink area. However, before dialing up a plumber, there are some things that can be done by homeowners that may prevent the need to call in a plumbing professional.

A common garbage disposal issue occurs when glassware or plates break in the sink and small pieces of glass get trapped inside of the unit. The shards of glass can inhibit the motion of the disposal blades and when this occurs, you should stop using the unit immediately and use a Shop Vac to extract the pieces of glass.

Another common problem is when the disposal does not turn on. This can often be a symptom of a simple electrical issue that can be resolved fairly easily.

For starters, be sure that all wires and connections are properly in tact. On most standard garbage disposals, there is a red reset button located underneath the unit. Pressing this button will often reset the appliance and in many cases, will resolve the issue of the unit not turning on.

Another problem can be related to an overload to the circuit breaker, which is common in the kitchen area due to all the appliances being used. Check your circuit breakers to ensure nothing has been tripped.

In most instances, garbage disposal problems will be electrical in nature, but in the event you cannot solve the issue using any of the DIY methods above, it may be necessary to call in a plumbing technician.

Then what good is that garbage disposal anyway?

Well, you can place small quantities of food debris down there at a time. That would be the stuff that’s still stuck to your dishes after you’ve scrapped them off. Be aware of what you can do, and what you cannot do with the unit. Bear this in mind, and with a little maintenance in hand, your unit will last longer. It will definitely save cost, time and effort in the long term. Are you getting one for your new home, to replace a faulty unit, or just to upgrade an existing one? Call our expert plumbers today at (361) 991-1002.

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